About Us

Helping Our Seniors is a platform designed to help connect with people who live in close proximity and who may need assistance with daily services at a time when leaving their homes poses too great a risk to their health. We are not a charity, we simply aim to provide a safe and simple mechanism for people all around the country to be able to get in touch with each other, especially in urban areas where communities may not be as close knit due to the sheer density of population. Once registered, we match people’s nearest locations -ideally within walking distance of one another- and limit to 5 the number of Seniors each Helper can be responsible for. To further ensure the safety of our Seniors, each Helper is asked to upload a photo and a picture of their ID in order to get vetted. We only reveal a Senior’s phone number once a Helper has accepted to offer their assistance. All other information can be shared over the phone at the discretion of the Senior.